Cats and dogs look for running, cool sources of water to satisfy their thirst. Unfortunately, your pet may view the toilet as a giant bowl for their tasty refreshment.  As a matter of fact, toilet water is not safe for your pet. Aside from the fact that it’s potentially dirty, it can also contain dangerous chemicals that can cause serious illness to your precious one. In this article, we have listed some reasons why toilet water is a big NO-NO for your pet. 

Harmful Cleaning Agents 

The most dangerous chemical your pup or kitty can possibly get from drinking toilet water is a toxic cleaning agent. According to an expert vet, chemicals that come from toilet cleaning tablets kept inside the tank as well as residue from cleaning solutions used to scrub the toilet bowl such as chlorine bleach can certainly make your pet sick if he drinks them. In addition to that, if your little furry friend is used to drink water from the toilet, he won’t realize he should not be drinking when you are soaking a cleaner in the bowl. Any cleaning agent can extremely be toxic to your little one, especially in larger amounts as it can cause chemical burns to their throat and mouth. At the very least, pets that drink toilet water with cleaning agents on them will likely suffer from vomiting or gastrointestinal upset if he ingests even just a small amount cleaning agent chemicals for your toilet. 

Toilet Water Can Contain Harmful Chemicals 

Some homeowners place anti freezing agent in their toilets especially during the winter season in order to prevent the toilet water from freezing. Most pet owners don’t know this, but antifreeze products are really harmful to dogs and cats. This can certainly make a vacation home or a house of a friend a potential danger to a furry little one used to drinking from an open toilet. In order to avoid such awful situations, do not let your pup or cat become used to sipping from them as well as you should always check your toilets before you allow your furry friend to gain access to them. 

Low Quality of Water 

While the toilet water’s quality can be the same as the one from the tap if a toilet is very clean, it’s typically not the case. Certainly, toilets are a primary breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can potentially make your pet sick when he sips it. Your pup or kitty could also be able to experience gastrointestinal problems after drinking from a bacteria-filled, dirty toilet bowls, especially if the water is filthy or stagnant. Cleaning your toilet in a daily manner can help evaluate these issues; however, you should make sure that you use a much safer cleaning agent such as baking soda or vinegar.  

Sometimes, what makes the toilet water even dirtier is the leak and malfunctioning plumbing system. To make sure that the plumbing system in your house is properly intact, never hesitate to hire the services of